Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Art Blog Introduction

Hi, My Name is Michael Bridges. With this blog I hope to accomplish two things. One is to get my name and art out to a larger group of people and two is simply to make money from my art. I do two kinds of art styles.

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Surrealism, which is my real passion and gives me the most pleasure to do. This painting titled "Portrait of Salvador Dali", is one of my surreal paintings. Salvadore Dali is my favorite artist and the reason I started doing surreal art.

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Superhero paintings, I really like doing superhero paintings because it's a challenge to change a photo of some model into a believeable painting of some superhero. This painting is of Supergirl and one of the first I did of the superhero paintings, which I like to call superhero portraits.

For this blog I will be concentrating on my comic book superhero artwork. You can see my surreal work at I will be posting items for sale here such as prints, posters, original art, t-shirts and other stuff. I will also be showing some works in progress. So keep coming back to see how I'm doing in my "Quest to Make Money as an comic book superhero Artist".

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