Monday, May 25, 2009

New Comic Book Character Commission – The Martian Manhunter

I just got a commission to do a comic book character painting of The Martian Manhunter. I didn’t take pictures of the first steps of this painting, but I am doing a video of me actually doing the painting. To the left is the so far. It has The Martian Manhunter with the thin flat coat acrylic color and the background in its first step.

I will post more on this painting as it progresses

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If you would like to know how I do my paintings check out my How I Do My Comic Book Superhero Paintings video.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bridges: Really looking forward to see how this painting progresses. I know it wil be great!

Also, really enjoyed the demo on your E-bay page --


Michael Bridges said...

Hey Jonesy,
You found me again. Good to hear from you. Did you get my email?