Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Comics By My Friend Troy Gillogly

I have known Troy Gillogly for about ten years. He, another friend of mine named Roy Dornbusch and I published a comic book back in 1997 called “Area 13”. Well, ten years later I’m still planning and working on ideas for other comic book projects and Troy has now published two projects, “Snuffy, The Vampire Rabbit” and “Wild Breed”.

Wild Breed is a project that Troy has had in the works since before I even knew him, which he has now brought to life. The story takes in medieval times with a demon setting the stage for his people, the Appolyons, to rule the kingdom of Asria. It is filled with interesting characters and a good story.

Snuffy, The Vampire Rabbit is about a hitman rabbit that is send on what he thinks is an ordinary hit job, but he soon finds out different. Snuffy discoveries that the man he is sent to kill is a vampire. Although he kills the vampire he is bitten and starts to go through some weird changes. Now, Snuffy is on a mission to find out if his boss knew the victim was a vampire and if he sent Snuffy there to be killed.

Both projects are out now, Snuffy with two issues done and Wild Breed with its first issue. All three books have great artwork. Although I have always been a big fan of Troy’s art, it’s still amazing to see how much he’s grown.

You can get more info and contact Troy at Comic Space.

I will be doing a interview with Troy in the near future so watch out for that.

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