Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creating Your Own Female Superheroes

Yesterday we created a superhero male. Today lets create a female superhero. For the most part creating female superheroes is the same as creating their male counterparts. But when you create your female hero you what her to look sexy.

Okay, my female superhero will be able to multiply the moisture in the air into a wave of water as well as control any water that is around her. She will also be able to ride the water waves she creates.

The name of our water controlling female hero will be Splash. She will be in her middle thirties with long black hair with a white streak on the front that goes all the down that back of her hair. Now, on to the design.

Once again this will be a simple drawing just to get the design. Start with the shapes for the body with the front, back and side view.

Splash will have no mask so I will work in the face and the costume, which is like a one-piece swimsuit that covers her neck and leaves her shoulders, arms and legs exposed. She will have high boots and long gloves that come up to her biceps.

Now I’ll add a little detail.

Add some coloring pencil and we are done.

If you would like to see more detail of how to do this check out my How To Make Your Own Female Superhero video and then go create your own female superheroes and see how much it can be.

Next we'll create a super villain.

Here is a great book on creating superheroes and villains.

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