Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creating Your Own Super Villain

Okay we’ve already talked about creating superheroes and creating female superheroes, but where would they be without their counterpart, the super villain? So today we will create one. We’ll use the same techniques that we used to create our heroes.

Our villain will be able to control people’s minds and bust the blood vessels in their brains. Our villain’s name will be Mind Blow.

As you know by now this will be a simple drawing starting with the body shapes just to get the costume design.

First well do our front, back and side view shapes.

Our villain will be wearing a mask so we’ll put that in as we do the costume design.

Now lets put some muscle tone and a few details.

Do the color and we’re done. Oh and you might have noticed that I made a mistake on the side view armband. I made it shorter. OOOPS!

If you would like to see more detail of how to do this check out my How To Make Your Own Super Villain video.

Whatever comic book characters you are creating, the steps we used to create the superhero, female superhero and the super villain will work well.

Here is a great book on creating superheroes and villains.

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