Friday, July 13, 2007

Jim Lee One Of The Best

I’m a comic book fan from way back. I go back to the hay days of Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Neal Adams and Steve Ditko just to name a few. There are some of today’s comic book artists that I like and one of the top ones is Jim Lee. He is one of those artists that seem to put a lot of thought and effort into his drawings.

His use of angles and perspective when he draws the human figure reminds me sometimes of Jim Streranko’s stuff back when he was doing “Nick Fury, Agent of Shield”. Jim has a great flair for dramatic poses and his backgrounds are simply fantastic. When you put Jim Lee’s pencils with Scott Williams inks you have yourself an unbeatable combination.

I’m not a big fan of Jim Lee’s writing, but I love his artwork so he goes down as one of my top favorites. Be sure to Check out his work. You can also see Jim Lee in action at my new Comic Book Video site.

Be sure to check out my new Comic Book Video site. This site has videos comic book artist like Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Todd Mcfarlane, John Romita Sr and more doing what you like to see them doing, drawing. There are also video documentaries on Superman and the history of comics. Check it out.

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