Thursday, July 5, 2007

Alex Ross, Nuff Said

I think what I’m going to do is each week I will talk about a comic book artist I like. I want to start of with an artist I whose work I absolutely love and who is obviously who my comic book superhero paintings influenced by.

Alex Ross was the first to artist to breath life into comic book superheroes. People like Neal Adams and Gene Colan drew superheroes realistically, but Ross made them come alive, he made them real tangible people. His first “Marvels” cover made you wonder if it was somehow some trick photography done to make a man look like he was on fire to be the Human Torch.

Since then Ross has gone on to do some other great works. Kingdom Come, his covers for Astro City and his over sized books on Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Justice Leauge, all of which I have collected.

I must admit that Alex Ross was a big influence on me to do my superhero portraits, although there are other influences that affect my other comic book art and I will talk about them later.

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