Monday, January 18, 2010

Get Your Comic Book Characters Out By Self Publishing

It is hard to break into the comic book industry, especially if you want to do your own comic book characters. You have to make connections, do submissions and of course you have to have good artwork. Even if you are lucky enough to finally get a job at a comic book company you have to do the assignments and characters they give you. If you create your own characters it is at the discretion of the company if they publish it or not.

There is a way you can have your characters publish and you have the control over them and that is self-publishing. Self-publishing is very easy now a days with the Internet, PDFs and even lower printing prices from companies specializing in printing comics.

The image in the upper right is the cover of a comic book I self-published back in 1997 (I’ll tell you more about that sometime this week). Back then there was a self-publishing boon. You could find all kinds of self-published comics and there were loads of comic book shops that sold them. It was a time when the only way to get comics was in magazine form. Nobody was doing them online or as PDFs.

Now you have a choice of doing the magazine form or digital. Either way you can do your own sells online and reach a worldwide audience. So if you’re looking to get your own a comic book characters out to the public without the hassle it takes to go through a company then self-publishing is the way to go.

Tomorrow I’ll go through a bit more detail on what it takes to publish your own comic.

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