Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My YouSayToo Dream Gift Post

I have decided to enter this blog in the YouSayToo Dream Gift Awards contest. Entering this contest will give me a chance to win my $1000 holiday dream gift, which is an updated computer so I can do video editing on it.

There will be ten winners in this contest. The first place winner will get the $1000 dream gift and the nine runner-ups will get a fun gift of their choice. I would choose the Retro Web Cam, which looks great. But I plan to win.

The reason I think this blog should win is because I not only show good quality art like the one below I also show how I do that artwork. There are also lessons on how to draw comic book characters.

If you have a blog you can also enter the YouSayToo Dream Gift Awards. Just click the link and become a member of YouSayToo, add your blog to the site and do a post about the YouSayToo Dream Gift Awards like this one.

By the way you can add as many blogs as you have and enter them all in the contest. YouSayToo also shares their revenue with bloggers so you can make money just for having your blog there.

Go ahead and join YouSayToo and enter your blog in the Dream Gift Awards. The deadline for entering is January 31 2010. You could be one of the nine runner-ups since I will win the main prize. LOL! Good Luck!

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