Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Green Lantern Abin Sur Commission Painting

I recently did my third Green Lantern commission. This one was a bit more involved than the others and featured the meeting of Abin Sur and Hal Jordan. For those who don't know who Abin Sur is, he is the Green Lantern that gave Hal Jordan his ring.

This painting takes place when Hal Jordan, after being summoned by Abin’s ring finds Abin Sur dying in his spaceship and Abin gives Hal the ring.

The Green Lantern is one of my favorite comic book characters to do. I like the costume and the things the ring can do. My favorite Green Lantern artist of all time is Gil Kane.

Below is the painting from pencil to finished painting.

Pencil On Canvas

First Stage: Flat Acrylic Colors

Second Stage: Background Oils

Final Stage: The Characters Done And Painting Signed And Dated

I hope you enjoyed this look at this Green Lantern commission. If you would like to have a commission done e-mail me at

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Mrrspidey said...

Nice job, Mr. Bridages...


Michael Bridges said...

Thanks you Mr Jones.