Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How To Create Your Own Avatar Character Part 2 – The Body

Yesterday I showed you how to draw your own Na 'vi character head. The Na 'vi are the alien beings from the movie “Avatar” Today we are going to draw the whole Na 'vi character, body and all. This exercise gives you an idea of how you can combine the human form with features from other life forms to create a whole different life form that looks convincing (the Na 'vi are a combination of human with slight cat features). These new life forms could make for interesting comic book characters.

Okay, I always start with simple shapes, it makes it easier to see how the drawing will work. I start with the head shape and then draw shapes for the other body parts. The body and legs of the Na 'vi are a bit longer and slimmer than humans. This gives them a sleek catlike look.

Now you want to start making the necessary changes to the head and body by sculpting out the shapes.

Now that all of the shapes are sculpted we start putting some details like muscle, eyes and hair in.

Now lets put on some clothing. The Na 'vi don't really wear a lot of clothing so this part is fairly easy. I forgot to add the tail so I added it here.

Once all the line work is done you can make your drawing come alive by adding some shading. The Na 'vi has stripes all over their body so I add them during the shading stage. Now your Na’vi is done.

I did this drawing fairly quick so it's not really the quality I usually do. I hope you had fun doing these Avatar drawings the last two days.

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