Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Self Published Comic Book

This week I have been talking about self-publishing your own comic book and exposing your comic book characters to the world. Today I want to talk about my self published comic. The title of the comic is “Area 13”. I only did two issues. The first issue I had printed at a print shop and the second issue I did as a mini comic and copied it at Kinko's.

When I had the first issue printed I knew nothing about what I should do on my end. I didn't know what size images to send. I just sent the size that I thought they could use and if need be they would change the size to what they needed. However that wasn't the case and because I didn't ask for proofs in order to save some money the pages didn't come out like I wanted.

In the future I'm planning to publish my next comic as a PDF. If you're planning to self-publish your comic book in magazine form I suggest you get all the information on what the printer needs.

I have been thinking about putting my two comics in PDF form and offer it as a download for a very low price, but I haven't decided yet. Below are some pages from my comics. Click the images to see a larger version.

Area 13 Issue #1

Area 13 Issue #2

Issue one of Area 13 is a full size comic magazine in black and white. I has three eight page stories by three different creators. I do have some still available. If you are interested in getting one click the Buy It Now button under the cover. The total price for the comic book is $1.65 which includes shipping.

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Wine of the month club said...

Good luck with your comic book. It takes guts to strike out on your own.

Michael Bridges said...

Thanks, I'm not really pushing this comic book. I do have plans to do another one.