Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Of My Other Comic Book Characters Commission

I am still working on the next stages of my She Hulk and Green Lantern commissions, so until I get those posted here’s a progression of one of my other commissions.

I have done several commissions for the guy that wanted me to do this commission of an anime character named Sue. Sue apparently is a wrestler. This guy apparently loves female wrestler characters because he had do several paintings of them most of which was characters he created. The picture to the left is the character he wanted me to do and the one below is the model he wanted me to use.

The pictures below are the sketch I did and the pencils on canvas.

Below are the flat colors stage and the finished product. The buyer wanted the ring ropes added in the background.

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If you would to know how I do my paintings check out my How I Do My Comic Book Superhero Paintings video.

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